Whether you are starting your career path or pursuing a specialization, boosting your skills and knowledge can be just an opportunity for you. Our programs are designed to help you to succeed and achieve your career goals.


We understand that choosing what to study or where to focus improving your career can be very challenging. With the option to study part-time or full-time, our flexible professional programs can be adapted to your busy life.

Take your time, make all questions useful for you and share your thoughts with us.

Now you have decided your path! You can start to submit your application. We want to keep this step very easy and clear for you.

This is what we need:

  • Your passport
  • Academic record, if applicable
  • Resume with the description your work experience
  • Personal statement of why you want to join Linknetic Academy
  • Digital portfolio/showreel. This could include images and video.
    Files accepted: pdf, jpg are perfect, try and keep them under 100mb. For video: drop us your showreel link (Vimeo or Youtube).You’re starting from nothing? Just let us know!

Communication is an essential aspect of your future career, English is the movie industry language. If English is not your native language, we can help!

You will be invited a attend an interview with our Mentor. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you better and allows us to give you some suggestions on technical or power skills you might need to deepen, before or during your pat.

The interviews will be scheduled depending on your availability and on the time of your country of origin.

After the interview, you will have access to your STUDENT AREA, where you will find your admission documents with the other papers to confirm your registration. We will check the registration materials uploaded, in the meantime it will be possible to proceed with the registration fee, reserving your place in the classroom.

If the documentation is complete, you will find the registration kit in your area.

Now what?
Now we start to build your future.
Jump in and set up a comfortable personal area, picture, bio, dreams & goals, all that stuff!

Come and meet our Masters and learn about the studios they work for, let’s start your journey.